One with You

One With You by Sylvia Day (Penguin, £7.99)

Hankies, check. Glass of wine, check. Comfy sofa, check. Copy of One With You? Sorted. I’m settling down for the blockbuster finale of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, a bit late to the party I admit, this is my first Crossfire novel, but here I go.

Suffice to say that in the beginning was Sylvia Day, the author of a chart-topping series of novels teeming with all the breathless romance and eroticism you’d need to set Mr Mills’ and Mr Boon’s hearts a-flutter. It’s a best-selling series that has left her publishers panting as heavily as her readers.

The publication of this fifth book is a happy day tinged with sadness: it’s the last book in the series but it’s also the one where her hero Gideon and heroine Eva finally find happiness. Or do they? The sexual cat-and-mouse power games of their relationship may yet destroy them even as their love for each other makes them strong enough to adapt. And, of course, in the best tradition of true love, there are many obstacles to overcome in this dog-eat-dog world of alpha wealth and private jets as the jealous and the damaged try to destroy the lovers' happiness.

Part of the draw is that Eva and Gideon share the narration and the reader gets to see the inner workings of both lovers’ minds and the desires and lusts that drive them on. It’s a clever device that heightens the tension and gives each character equal standing in the ultimate of powerplay relationships. But it is more than that, the place Eva and Gideon hold in their fan’s hearts is evident not only from the number of sales. They regularly tell Day how Crossfire has helped them through a difficult patch, saved their marriages and gingered up their, er, bedroom lives. There have even been Crossfire babies: I’ll never look at an infant named Eva or and toddler called Gideon in the same way again.

But, fans needed be tearful for long. As Mr and Mrs Cross jet off into the sunset, another alpha male is waiting to step into the spotlight, ready to fight for the love of his life. Ladies, dry your eyes, and meet Kane Black whose all-consuming love for Lily drives him to extraordinary lengths to win her back.

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