Wickham Hall

Wickham Hall by Cathy Bramley (Corgi, £6.99)


I love a happy ending, don't you? A follow-your-dreams kind of romance where nothing too terrible happens but true love follows its path and happiness reigns. It's a skill to pull off a novel like that without populating it with stereotyped characters and a cliché-ed plot, but Cathy Bramley has the knack and she's funny too: sometimes gentle, sometimes wry but always warm and witty.

Holly Swift is a neat freak, she can't function without a detailed plan of action and a clear desk. She valiantly holds back the tide of clutter in a world of chaos and mess.

When she lands her dream job as an events organiser at Wickham Hall she learns that sometimes you just have to let go and trust.

Holly's a lovely creation, she's kind, postive and upbeat even as she worries about her hoarder mum and her best friend Esme who works in a dress shop but dreams of creating fashions of her own. When a love interest turns up in the shape of cute artist Ben, Holly struggles more than most with the uncertainty and insecurities of new love.

But there is more at stake here than a new job and a new love. Holly, the result of a night of passion and missed communications, hasn't ever met her father and is keen for her mum to find happiness, she wants to impress her employers Lord and Lady Fortescue and make friends with her new colleagues. It's the upbeat resilience with which Holly handles the issues she faces that makes her so endearing.

You might not need a new wedding hat by the end, but then again you might. What you will need though is a box of tissues (but only in a good way).

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