Small miracles

I saw an angel yesterday. He was perched atop a pailing outside Waterstone's St Albans, in a blue and green hand-knitted gown, with a pink knitted face and golden hand-knitted wings. Tied around his little knitted neck with silver and white wool was a laminated message which read on one side, "YOU CAN DO IT!" and on the other, "Please take me, I'm free" along with #xmasangels and @homewoodurc.

What could I do? It's not every Christmas an angel descends with a motivational message just for me. I took his picture, tweeted Homewood United Reformed Church and Bernadette Russell, an expert I know in the art of being kind, put him in my pocket and took him home.

Bernadette loved him. Four other people favourited and retweeted our messages, then I heard from Martin King the maker of my angel. We had a chat. Other people got in touch, the church, the vicar, some of my friends, some of Bernadette's. Before I went to bed this little angel, one of dozens distributed round the city, had brought joy to at least 30 people.

Imagine if all the angels had done the same. Don't you think that'd be something like a miracle?

Happy Christmas!

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