Paws for thought at Christmas

A Gift From Bob by James Bowen (Hodder, £7.99)

I defy anyone to read this heart-warming tale without shedding a tear. From the minute you open the cover, you'll feel a pricking behind the eyes that won't leave you until the very last page.

Without wishing to sound cynical, the story of streetcat Bob is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving: this is the seventh book in the series and a film is in the pipeline.

When James, a recovering heroin addict and former street sleeper, found the injured Bob outside his home, he took him to the RSPCA vet who made Bob better. After that the pair were inseparable. They busked together, sold The Big Issue together and hung out at James's north London flat. More importantly, caring for Bob has helped shy James stay clean and build a new life in which he has learned to reach out and trust people.

Bob sports a variety of natty scarves and, at Christmas, a Santa outfit. He thrives on the attention.

This latest book, tells how the kindness of friends and strangers helped James and Bob through the harsh winter of 2010.

The gentle appeal of James and Bob's friendship is a treat this Christmas. Now more comfortably settled, they work to help other homeless people and can be found at and

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