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Here's something to get out of bed for: Gemma Selzer's early morning writing Write & Shine workshops. A gentle start to your writerly day or a couple of hours of creativity before the working world sweeps you away.

It's the kind of thing New York does all the time, but London's been a bit shuffley and slow up about it. Until now.

Gemma's a writer and performance artist who loves mornings, which is more than I can say for myself. Her projects include the digital literature project 5am London in wich she collaborated with a photographer to capture the city in the early hours of the day.

The fortnightly sessions are held in north and central London with the earliest starting in Finchley at 7.30am. I was never going to make, that so I opted for the 9am ones in the bright, morning-fresh surroundings of Waterstones Mezzanine Cafe in Piccadilly, a short bike ride from home.

Classes last between one and two hours and sizes vary, our smallest was six and the largest twelve, which makes for plenty of opinions and engaging discussion.

The sessions are all themed around "morning": autumn mornings, morning moods, nice things that happened or changes we've noticed, before moving onto a period of automatic writing. We look at poems and prose, spark ideas and writing of our own and eat croissants and Danish pastries over coffee.

Most of all it's an inspiring way to start the day. Morning - I might just get to like you.

For more information or to book, go to write-and-shine.com

Pictures by Rachel Cherry Photography

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